Statement of Client Rights:

  1. To have the attorney understand and zealously seek lawful means toward the reasonable goals the client sets in the case, in an ethical and transparent manner.
  2. To keep the client apprised of the status of the case, and to return any calls from the client within 1 business day.
  3. To preserve confidences, secrets, or statements revealed in the course of our relationship.  To advise the client of issues that would waive such attorney client privilege.
  4. To respect the wishes of the client, and to treat the client with courtesy and respect.
  5. To only accept cases in which counsel can competently represent the client, and refer client to other competent counsel when necessary.
  6. To thoroughly explain the fees and have a written contract setting for the provisions for such fees.
  7. For any fees billed hourly, to honestly and conservatively bill for time spent on the matter.

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