Thought for the Day Archive – 2005-2009:

Bankruptcy related insights and information

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What children really want for Christmas is just the company of their loved ones and to see the holiday spirit in their family. There is no need to overspend for the holiday.


The debt collectors that bring in the most money are those that violate debt collection laws the most. The best way to stop collector abuse is to sue the employers of the debt collectors for violations of the debt collection laws.


Bankruptcy was designed not just to help those who need to file for relief, but to help society as a whole by returning persons burdened with too much debt to productive members of the economic community


The best way to rob a bank is to own it…

Apparently owning a bank is also the best way to rob the American public.


Taxes: of life’s two certainties, the only one for which you can get an automatic extension


The economy is a bit like the weather in Florida, wait a bit and it will always change. Just on a much longer cycle.


The rich can afford to pay for lobbying to reduce their taxes, without a constituency able to afford lobbying for the general consumer community, it is always an uphill battle to keep laws fair to the general public. The best tool at your disposal to keep laws fair is to exercise your right to vote.


The new bankruptcy law was so poorly designed that it often has the opposite effect from that intended by its creditor-industry authors. However, the uncertainty engendered by such poor drafting makes it especially important to obtain counsel very familiar with the law and cases thereon.


You have to wonder if it is as difficult to remove a M-16 assault rifle or a rocket launcher from its packaging as it is to remove a Barbie doll from its packaging.


An attorney’s knowledge of the law and the cases that interpret it is his arsenal for battle.


Unfortunately, it is easier to teach new tricks to a young possum than an old cat. Keep in mind when installing new cat doors.


People having to use Dialysis machines due to kidney problems go through every day thirsty but not allowed to quench their thirst; and have much shorter life expectancy. Just one more reason to sign up as an organ donor. Sign up Here.


Who needs ghosts and goblins when we have a Congress that can pass bankruptcy reform laws like this


Enjoy the good in life like a dog enjoys life, Luxuriate in sleep like a cat.


It is too bad that it takes a disaster such as Katrina to make us appreciate what we have.


Drive carefully, schools are back in session.


Any person or business that keeps telling you they are telling the truth or asking you to believe them, is less likely to be honest. Honest persons naturally assume they will be believed.


A thoughtful, rational response is always better than angry retaliation.


Our children are our future. When raising a child, you are creating our future.


Our debts will never be so large that we will not be able to say one million dollars should take care of it. Donald Trump could not always say that.