Why does it matter which attorney I hire?

I understand why client’s may not want to just hire the least expensive attorney they can find. Unfortunately this can lead to problems both during the case and after. Even after getting a free consultation with a good attorney who does not see issues, there is much more work done by good attorneys both in preparing the paperwork and reviewing the client’s records prior to filing. Just one of the procedures to help avoid later problems is a checklist similar to mine shown above. This includes searching lien records for judgments, to ensure we avoid any liens during the bankruptcy rather than have them cause title problems long after the case is over. It is also important to carefully review bank transactions to see if any of those may cause problems. The trustee will review them after the case is filed, so it is far better to be prepared before the case is filed. It can make a great difference in choosing an attorney both for the initial consultation and through completion of the case.